About Sarah Harris

My Story


It all started approximately 11 years ago when l met a lady, who is now a close friend of mine, at the time she had just lost her husband and as time went by l got to know her well, it became apparent to me that her every day needs were changing.

I realised her need for a companion came first because she had no one to talk to regarding her life on a daily basis. She has a wonderful supportive family who l realised very quickly that l became an important part of filling in the gaps on a daily basis so that this lady could lead a contented life and that the family had someone whom they could trust and communicate to them with any issues that arose when they went with them.


As time went by l became increasingly aware and started to have an understanding of life for elderly people who had either lost their partner or needed help with day to day chores and care needs,that there must be many other people in the community who needed this kind of help also.

A good service is about effective communication with the family and client.

I am also an artist, l have a passion for hedgehogs and so l designed a logo with hedgehogs carrying out duties and advertised in a local magazine during 2011 which advertised "Hedgehogs Care for Home and Garden Help and Companion Care for the Retired and Elderly'.

People got to know Hedgehogs care and eventually "Sarah Harris", so it seemed natural to change the  the business to Sarah Harris Home Care Services as it became evident that more home help and care for the elderly on a daily basis was needed in the community.

The business covers at present Bourton on the Water, Stow on the Wold, Moreton in the Marsh, Chipping Norton, Northleach and Burford, which covers a large proportion of the Cotswolds.

I believe the way to provide a good service is about effective communication with family members and clients and updating regularly on a clients progress thus keeping them all 'in the loop' understanding the clients needs and acheiving a positive outcome.

Families can often contact me in advance of their reletives care to establish a good understanding of their particular needs and requirements, this means that once the care has started there is a good continuity flow.

I often arrange meetings with prospective clients months before I start providing our services as I believe it is important for a client to feel reassured that their relative will receive effective care. I also take advice from local healthcare professionals which helps to maintain any changes and continuity in their care needs so that the precise care package can be always be delivered.